With the Directors of Stones Group proud Bathonian's, it is not surprising that the company contributes to various charitable and fundraising initiatives in and around the city. These endeavours are embedded within the fabric of the Stones Group and typify the company's ethos and spirit.

Bath Rugby Foundation

First and foremost, Stones Group is a sponsor of the Bath Rugby Foundation which strives to promote and encourage the sport across all age groups and social groups within the club's catchment area. Rugby occupies a rarefied and significant position within Bath's cultural, professional and social spheres serving as a vibrant community hub for local businesses, sports fans and tourists alike. Stones Group supports the aspirations of this exceptional organisation via an annual sponsorship package which helps ensure the foundation continues to thrive.

Forever Friends Appeal

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Stones Group successfully raised over £4000 for the Forever Friends Appeal on behalf of the Bath Royal United Hospital. In typically eccentric fashion, various members of the JSBD team agreed to have their heads shaved and dyed in one of the companies four brand colours.

The initiative caused widespread hilarity, but also raised a significant sum of money for the worthiest of causes in the space of three weeks. The team's efforts were featured in the local print media and on local social media platforms adding further to the company's profile in the area and that of those who supported the campaign. The pictures below graphically illustrate the nature of this unique fundraising effort.

Freshford Church School - Near Bath

James & Sarah Stones' two daughters both attend Freshford Community School so it is appropriate that Stones Group is an active contributor to the running of the school, particularly in terms of helping out with various maintenance projects. The company also funded vital walled (and branded) sanitisers during the COVID-19 outbreak which prompted the following 'thank you' email from the Chair of the Governors:

Dear James & Sarah,

I am writing on behalf of the Governors to thank you so much for the wonderful additions you have made to the school!

The Headmaster sent me (and all the staff) some pictures of the walled sanitisers this morning; they look both practical as well as rather beautiful, you've even included the school logo! Thank you so much.

These are strange times, but I can tell you have helped to alleviate many health and safety concerns from the staff regarding the impending opening.  And, by so generously providing the means by which our children can come into school again, we are some way now on the road back to normality. 

Once these days are behind us, I would like to shake your hand (...or some other socially acceptable means!)  to express my gratitude in person.

In the meantime, thank you so much from the Governors, the staff and of course, from our children.

Best wishes, with my grateful thanks.

Clare Ford
Chair of Governors
Freshford Church School


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